Best Lights for Indoor Growing 2022

Since time began, horticulturists have known that the best source of light for growing is the sun.

However, times do change… and the sun doesn’t always shine.

Be it simple flowers, seedlings or more dependent organics, natural light is no longer the essential component that it was.

Plants can now thrive under an artificially lit environment using energy efficient grow lights or lamps. These lights enhance photosynthesis ensuring consistent and robust growth of plants.

In the past artificial lighting solutions have been less than great. They were either too expensive to run for long periods, or they just got too hot.

LED lights changed that.

A wide range of excellent, low cost, highly configurable LED grow lights are available to buy.

But which ones will suit you?

Read on. We provide indoor grow lights reviews for our favorite products on the market today.

Comparison for Top-rated Growing Lights Brands

ImageProduct NameHose CapacityPrice and Rating
AmazingCats 18W Dual Head Timing Grow LampAmazingCats 18W Dual Head Timing Grow Lamp150 ftEditors’ Choice$$$
VegasDoggy Plant Grow LightVegasDoggy Plant Grow Light300 ft$$
Shengsite UFO 250 LEDsShengsite UFO 250 LEDs300 ft$
Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow LightPhlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light300 ft$$
ACKE Full Spectrum Grow LightACKE Full Spectrum Grow Light175 ft$

Reviews of Top Lights for Indoor Growing

AmazingCats 18W Dual Head Timing Grow Lamp

AmazingCats 18W Dual Head Timing Grow Lamp

The Amazingcats LED Grow Lamp offers both cool blue and warm red light that is similar to natural light. With its three options timer, the Amazingcats light enables you to adjust its light system accordingly. It has a light spectrum of 12 blue bulbs and 24 red bulbs which is enough to help the plants thrive through the different reproductive cycles.

The 5-level dimming function allows you to adjust its brightness whenever the need arises. With a wavelength of 460nm and 660nm, heat is regulated and harmful light is limited to guarantee healthier plants.

It has a lifespan of over 50,000 hours which is much longer than non-LED lighting systems and the three options timer makes sure that during that time, your plants are safe and that they get the right amount of light at the right time.

This system is suitable for seedlings, potted plants, flowering plants among others.

While it is a great option, challenges may arise when you need to move the grow lights as the plants grow in length. This is because they are not movable once they are tightly clipped into place. You will also need to buy separate screws in case you need to use them as they do not come with the Amazingcats Grow Lamp.

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VegasDoggy Plant Grow Light

VegasDoggy Plant Grow Light

The VegasDoggy can be installed indoors or in a greenhouse. This plant grow Light offers 10 LED colors that plants thrive in. They comprise of 4 red, 4 blue and 2 white lights. These lights come in adjustable 3600 gooseneck support that illuminates the entire planting area and is easy to maneuver. With it, you can easily adjust the distance between the plant and the lights for maximum results.

The VegasDoggy also includes a dual switch design model that allows you to light either one or both lamps depending on the plants need for maximum light distribution and efficiency.

You can regulate the wavelengths of light to enhance photosynthesis among other growth processes. This way, you can produce the perfect light for every growth stage and maintain the intensity of the lights easily.

The VegasDoggy grow light also comes with a detachable USB that connects to an electrical outlet for easier powering.

It is ideal for large growing spaces and has the capacity to support flowers, plants, fruits and vegetables like bananas, eggplants and green peppers.

The VegasDoggy grow light is extremely easy to set up and its height can be easily adjusted to match the needs of the plants and adapt to their height as they grow. 

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Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs

Shengsite UFO 250 LEDs

With daily use of the Shengsite grow light, plant leaves may begin to show in 12 days. The Shengsite is a plant hanging kit that is fitted above the plants. Its spectrum of red and blue is ideal for seedlings as well as the vegetative stages. Its color spectrum combination stimulates not only plant growth but also healthy plant retention for the best yields.

This indoor grow light contains 250 high quality LED beads that give out more light to stimulate faster growth, enhance photosynthesis and ensure peak growth. It also has a wavelength of blue 460-470nm and a red of between 660-670nm. This wavelengths control the intensity of light a plant receives. The balance of wavelength control also helps to stimulate the growth rate of the plant through different stages.

The Shengsite is fitted with a 50W power supply unit housed in a safe plastic plate for better energy efficiency, ultra-low heat output without the need for a fan. Its upgraded cooling heat sink reduces energy consumption further while extending the life of the LEDs to over 50,000 hours.

This grow light comes with:

  • 50W LED Grow Panel Light
  • Hanging Kit
  • Power Plug
  • User Manual

This Shengsite grow light is suitable for strawberries, tomatoes, eggplants, lettuce and other types of plants and vegetables. 

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Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

Phlizon Newest 600W LED Plant Grow Light

With this 600W Plant grow light, germination and flowering stages are worth looking forward to, according to the Phlizon Spectroradiometric Parameter Report. It has a VEG button that stimulates plant germination and a BLOOM button that promotes plant flowering and fruiting.

This competitive grow light is built to produce healthier plants with vigorous and vibrant growth. Compared to the other high end lines like the Shengsite, the Phlizon comes with a Thermometer and Humidity Monitor that allows constant monitoring and control of all plant stages.

The Package includes:

  • Phlizon LED grow light,
  • Power cord,
  • Hanging hook kits,
  • Thermometer humidity monitor,
  • Adjustable rope.

The Phlizon has an added advantage other than provision of light. It emits Universal Blue Red IR UV that bolsters the plant defence mechanism and helps to deter pests in the growth room.

It is also convenient in terms of connection to the power outlet. No additional power cables are needed since the plant grow lights can be connected to the power cord in a series, in its original package.

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ACKE Full Spectrum Grow Light

ACKE Full Spectrum Grow Light

The ACKE LED Grow Light allows you to run your indoor plant growing venture conveniently and efficiently. It has a full spectrum of lights, with red at 630nmand 660nm, and blue at 460nm, which enables you to regulate the wavelength of light, giving your plants the exact spectrum of light needed for the different stages.

This easy to position indoor grow light can be used in your indoor garden, for seed breeding, flower blooming and even greenhouse development.

With a white light of 2700K, It is ideal for plants with medium to high light requirements. The ACKE can mimic the sunlight which helps to enhance plant growth.

Additionally, the ACKE Grow Light also has a built-in aluminum heat sink that ensure these lights can manage the heat output efficiently. Its housing is designed for maximum light and heat distribution, to improve efficiency and longevity.

The downside of the ACKE grow light is that it does not have a light timer function. This means you would be required to manually turn your lights on and off. You could however purchase a separate timer for your grow light to make the light more efficient. 

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Buying Guide for Indoor Growing Lights

Buying a great indoor grow light is not only a matter of preference. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered. Key among these include the type of plants you are going to grow, where you are going to grow them and how big your indoor plantation is going to be. Here are some of the factors that you should consider heavily when making the purchase.

Color of Light

Opt for grow lights that have different mixtures of light spectrums. Most plants require a light spectrum of blue and red each of which plays an important roles in vegetation growth and flowering. This spectrum of light can support plants throughout its full growth cycle, from the seedling stage to the flowering and fruiting stage.

The Amazingcats, VegasDoggy, Shengsite, Phlizon and ACKE all have balanced full spectrums of light. They allow you to either turn on or off specific wavelengths, so you can have the exact light for every stage of plant growth.

Light Control

Plants grow well in a controlled light environment. Manufacturers will often provide a coverage area and time period. Even though plants need plenty of light to grow, too much of it can cause nutritional deficiency and damage the plants.

To curb this, high-end LED grow lights like the Phlizon change the spectrum of light produced to replicate the actual changes of sunlight throughout the day. When making the purchase, consider a grow light that also allows you to use light timers that automatically turn your grow lights on and off, as plant also need dark periods for better growth and production.

The Amazingcat grow light is one of the most efficient in terms of light control. It has a three timer system that allows you to control light with periods of 3 hours, 6hours and 12 hours.

Heat Control

Avoid high heat output lights that consume a lot of electricity. LED lights are energy efficient and can be used throughout the day with minimal temperature output. They last longer than fluorescent bulbs and produce less heat. With their low energy use, the LED Lamps are more efficient and effective in growing plants at home.

The low operating temperatures enable the most of the grow lights to run for up to 50,000 hours.

Their low temperature also eliminates the need to install cooling systems around your growth area, hence limiting additional costs.

Electricity Consumption

Since your grow light is operating for at least 8-12 hours, you will need to settle for lights that will not drastically increase your electricity bills. LED grow lights are more efficient when it comes to saving energy. They emit less heat and provide high quality light that is highly usable, compared to traditional lighting systems.


Effective photosynthesis needs different wavelengths. The above mentioned grow lights all have the full spectrum to provide plants with the necessary light to enhance growth and development.

The light in the red and blue spectrum are especially important in stimulating plant growth.

Plant Space

The size of your space will determine the size of Lamp you will purchase. You might need more than one Lamp if you have plenty of space. As the plants grow in size, you will need to raise or increase your indoor grow light accordingly.

You will also need to consider the distance between the light and the plants.  Sometimes, having the light too close to the plant can damage the plant. You need to make sure that you have the enough space between the plant and the lighting fixture.

If you’re unsure about the distance, the ACKE grow light is efficient because it can be placed close to the plants without burning the plant’s foliage.

Plant Type

If you are growing heavy crops, you will need a suitable LED lights to maximize growth. Different plants need different wave lengths during their different growth stages. The Phlizon grow light unique Universal Blue Red IR UV light is suitable for plant growth and, encouraging flowering. Consider grow lights with adjustable growth lengths.

Ease of Use

As plants keep growing, you will need to adjust the height and position of your grow light. The VegasDoggy grow light will allow you to tilt its light position and height  in any direction. 

The grow light should also have available spare parts that can be easily replaced. It  is frustrating when you are forced to do away with the whole  grow light because of something that can be easily replaced or repaired.

Though LED grow lights naturally produce less heat than other traditional lights, it would be wise to consider an LED grow light that also has a built-in heat sink to keep the setup cool without an external fan. Without the fan, you save money and space and you also reduce on the noise levels in your indoor garden.  

Replacement Fixtures

It is important to get a grow light that comes with extra fixtures in case one of them breaks. These include extra hooks, power cords or bulbs.


Grow Lamp technology has advanced considerably over time. The above mentioned light sources offer reduced heat and reduced power consumption. They are very ideal for indoor purposes as they produce enough light and don’t produce toxins that can limit production or damage the plants.

LED grow lights have a longer life span compared to other light bulbs. They are also more energy efficient which makes the venture more economically sound.

For maximum output, ensure that you place your grow Lamps over your plants to mimic natural light. This way, the entire plant is exposed to the light. You will be able to not only alter flowering periods but also increase harvests and consequently your income.

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