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What is a Lopper and Why Do We Need One?

Overgrown branches make your garden look untidy. That is not to say that trees by themselves are a problems, but in most gardens everything is fighting for its place in the sun and overgrown branches can present a problem for smaller competitors. Pruning shears will help you deal with smaller branches but if the branches are larger than one inch in diameter you will need a decent pair of loppers to get the job done properly.

A lopper is essentially a pruner with long handles. Long arm pruning shears if you like. They are essentially a tree branch cutter tool able to deal with branches up to around 2 inches thick. The elongated handles allow you to reach the branches and twigs that are farther and high up your garden.

Loppers are an invaluable tool in many gardens.

When picking tree pruning tools for your garden needs, there are a number of key considerations to take into account. The best loppers are ones that allows you to those over-reaching branches using minimal effort and in the shortest time possible.

Finding the best tree lopper, however, is not that easy as there are a number of tools available which look great, but in our opinion are not up to the task. We searched the market extensively, tested a few tools and found 5 tree limb cutters that will help you maintain your garden in the best possible way. Pick any of these branch loppers mentioned for a stress-free gardening experience.

Quick Comparison of Top-rated Loppers in 2022

BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer EdgerTabor Tools GG12 LopperCompound action
Anvil blades
Comfortable and efficient
BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer EdgerKseibi Extendable LopperAnvil bladesTeflon coating on bladesExtendable up to 40 inchesCHECK THE PRICE
BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer EdgerFiskars PowerGear2 LopperBypass bladesGeared mechanismCoated bladesCHECK THE PRICE
BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer EdgerGonicc Professional LopperCompound actionAnvil bladesSK-5 steelCHECK THE PRICE
BLACK+DECKER LST300 20V Lithium Trimmer EdgerMLTOOLS Ratcheting Extendable LopperBypass bladesRatcheting mechanismSK-5 steelExtendableCHECK THE PRICE

Best Loppers Review by Type

Tabor Tools GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper

Tabor Tools GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper

The Tabor Tools GG12 Compound Action Anvil Lopper is our pick of the bunch. Able to chop 2” branches with minimal effort. It is ideal for the quick removal of woody and dry branches as well as preparatory cuts.

Pruning isn’t supposed to be laborious and this professional grade lopper prevents that from happening thanks to its compound action power and extra leverage. You will be able to go about your pruning with ease and be done in no time at all. After all, enjoying your garden after hard work makes it all worth it.

The GG12 has a sharp blade made of hardened carbon steel that will remain sharp even with prolonged use. The upper blade has been coated to make it non-stick and this makes every cut effortless and even fun.

There are a lot of loppers with the features mentioned above but what makes this tree lopper special is how easy it is to use it and how comfortable it is. The grips on the handles have been rubberized and contored making the lopper providing you with excellent grip that is also comfortable.

The Tabor Tools GG12 is a durable gardening tool that will help you tackle heavy-duty pruning jobs without using a lot of effort and as such, we highly recommend it for your gardening and landscaping needs. This tool is a great combination of price and functionality and is our pick of the best anvil loppers. Indeed there are professional loppers out there that aren’t this good.


Kseibi 28 ~ 40 inch Extendable Anvil Razor-Edge Hand Lopper

KSEIBI Extendable Anvil Razor-Edge Pruning Lopper

The Kseibi 28 ~ 40 inch Extendable Anvil Razor-Edge Hand Lopper is a great gardening tool that cuts through branches with ease. It offers a lot of leverage and this gives it the ability to cut branches up to 2 inches thick with minimal effort.

The blades are sharp and hard and they have been coated with a non-stick teflon coating that makes the blades corrosion resistant, easy to clean and long lasting. Other tree loppers are heavy and difficult to use but the Kseibi 28 ~ 40 inch hand lopper is none of that.

This is because this lopper tool has been made using aluminium which is lighter than the other materials often used to make gardening tools. The handles are tubular and this too contributes to its light-weight structure.

The Kseibi 28 ~ 40 inch hand lopper is also not restricted in its reach and this is another feature that you will appreciate as a gardener. With is telescopic build, you can extend this long handled tree trimmer
extends up to 40 inches and this way, you can reach branches in all those awkward to reach spots. We don’t provide many telescopic tree loppers reviews, so the Kseibi is a rare exception, and a good one.

All in all the Kseibi 28 ~ 40 inch is in the cleass of long handled loppers that are powerful, and useful. They are a fine tree lopper and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep his or her garden in the best condition. 


Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper

Fiskars PowerGear2 Lopper

The Fiskars PowerGear2 lopper is a professional grade tool that will help you prune the overgrown branches in your garden with ease. It has a hardened bypass-style blade that has been coated to make it less prone to gumming and to enable consistently smooth cuts.

This lopper incorporates several gears and a cam onto the head and this has enhanced its cutting power threefold. You, therefore, won’t struggle as you cut thick branches and this is one of the features that make the PowerGear2 very special.

The handles have oval-shaped grips with strategically positioned soft-grip touchpoints that make this lopper quite comfortable. You will not tire when carrying this tree lopper around as it comes in a compact design that fits easily into a gardening bag.

Overall, the PowerGear2 is a wonderful tool that will help you take care of unwanted twigs. Its unique cam mechanism and modified gears will optimize your pruning and help you achieve a lot more in a short period of time and as such, we highly recommend it to anyone looking for an innovative way to deal with overgrown branches and twigs. This Fiskars tool is our pick of best bypass loppers.


Gonicc Professional 30 inch SK-5 Steel Blade Anvil Lopper

SONGMICS Compound Action Bypass Lopper

If you’re looking for one of the best selling loppers available then look no further. The slightly oddly name Gonicc Professional 30 inch lopper is a very popular option. Its compound cutting action that has been made possible by its leverage pivot mechanism makes it easy to prune thick branches and to do so in a short period of time. The action makes cutting very efficient and reduces strain on your arms.

The cutting mechanism is the anvil type, but it is actually a very versatile tool, able to deal with almost any branch up to 2 inches thick fresh, and around 1.5 inches thick if dried. The cut is clean and neat and does not suffer from the collateral damage that some anvil loppers generate.

The blade is very sharp, made from SK-5 steel, which are known to be strong and stay sharp for longer.

Most people complain of blisters when using tree loppers but that is not the case with this bad boy. This is because the gonicc Professional has rubberized grips at the handles that keep you comfortable as you prune.

The handles are 23 inches long and this will allow you to reach even the branches that are quite high. All these features make the Gonicc Professional anvil lopper a fine investment for home and professional gardeners.


MLTOOLS Easy Cut Ratcheting Extendable bypass Lopper

MLTOOLS Easy Cut Ratcheting Extendable bypass Lopper

Pruning can be quite a challenge without the right tools and that is why we recommend the MLTOOLS Easy Cut Ratcheting Extendable bypass loppers to anyone looking for a simple way to deal with overgrown branches and essential pruning tasks in their garden.

The market has a lot of bypass loppers of a similar build but the MLTOOLS L8230 ratcheting hand lopper’s durable steel blade and innovative ratcheting mechanisms make this lopper special and unique from the rest. This is because these features lighten your pruning job by 5 times compared to other tools and this way, you won’t use a lot of energy or spend a lot of time maintaining your garden.

The handles can be extended and this way, you will be able to reach the branches high up your garden. The grips are non-slip and this will prevent the lopper from slipping away as you tend to your garden.

 All the features mentioned above make the MLTOOLS L8230 lopper one of the best tree loppers in the game and we have no problem recommending it to gardening enthusiasts.


Buying The Right Tree Lopper

We outline below the most important purchase decisions you should consider when selecting the lopping shears for you.

Lopper Cutting Blades

The blades of garden loppers come in two distinct designs. The two designs are bypass blades and anvil blades. Your choice of which blade will depend upon your particular needs because although they essentially do the same job, they are optimal in slightly different conditions.

Bypass loppers

So, what is a bypass lopper? It sounds technical. These limb lopper tools are the most common type of blade found. They consist of two hinged blades that slide past each other when closed. In essence they operate exactly like a large pair of scissors with both blades providing a cutting edge.

Advantages of bypass blades
  • They provide a clean, neat cut more suited to pruning.
  • They do less damage to the plant.
  • They are better for cutting live branches up to a maximum of 2 inches thick.
  • They do not cut dead wood as efficiently and can become clogged up with material reducing their effectiveness.
  • They struggle with thicker branches.

Anvil loppers

Anvil loppers are built with differently. They consist of a straight blade on one side that meets the cutting blade from the other providing a cutting surface. Think of a knife cutting through onto a cutting block.

Advantages of anvil loppers
  • Anvil lopper blades are suitable for heavy duty work.
  • They deal very effectively with dry wood.
  • They tend to have longer handles suitable for dealing with thicker cuts.
  • The anvil blade tends to damage the pruned branch making them less suitable for use in delicate pruning tasks.

Blade Quality is a Key Feature

Whether you choose the bypass or anvil type of blade, never overlook the importance of the quality of the blades themselves. Various types of tree clippers are found everywhere, but when it comes down to it, many basic branch clippers will begin to struggle with most domestic tasks far too quickly.

SK-5 Steel is sharp, strong and durable.

It is essential the blades are made from good quality steel. Steel is tough and durable and that is why it is a must have for lopper blades. High quality hardened carbon-steel blades require very little maintenance and the cutting edge will remain sharper for longer.

Frequently one or occasionally both blades will be coated with a non-stick material that aids cutting. This is a “nice to have” feature, but not essential. Far more important, especially with bypass blades is how well they are made. Check the bite of the blades, there should be no gaps between each blade and there should be a satisfying crunch sound as the lopper jaws close.

Differing Cutting Mechanisms

In order to achieve the best torque in a cut tree loppers utilize a number of different cutting mechanisms. These are ratchet loppers, geared loppers and compound action loppers.

Close up of Fiskar PowerGear Bypass Lopper.

Ratcheting Loppers

The best ratchet tree loppers incorporate a simple ratchet mechanism. Each closing of the handles increases the cut, with the ratchet preventing the blades from releasing when the handles are opened again. A thick cut make require three or four handle movements before slicing through completely. These ratchet branch cutters are particularly good for the thicker branches and tend to be classed as more heavy duty limb loppers.

Geared Loppers

As you might realize, geared loppers incorporate a simple gear in the hinge of the lopper blades. In very simple terms, the cutting blades move more than the handles through the action of the gear when the handles are closed thus increasing the cutting depth by a greater amount. Simple. Effective.

Compound Action Loppers

These loppers include an additional hinged component into the blade pivot which, in a similar manner to the geared lopper, increases the cutting depth to a greater degree than the movement of the handles would deliver.

The Length of the Handles

Loppers are available in different lengths with shorter loppers measuring 15” to 18” with the longer ones measuring 30” or more. The length of the lopper affects how much leverage you will have when pruning as longer loppers make it easy to cut through thick branches and vice versa.

The only problem with longer loppers is they are usually heavy to carry and this makes using them somehow difficult. When buying a pruning lopper you should, therefore, choose one with a length that you can handle comfortably and with ease.

Extendable or Telescopic handles

This is a new development in the construction of tree loppers whereby the handles are extendable to achieve a longer length. These long handled tree pruners are perfect for pruning branches that are further away but also, due to their telescopic nature are good for branches that are a lot closer too.

Loppers built this way are heavier than non-telescopic handles and this is something that you must consider if you are looking to buy one of these loppers. You should also make sure that the lock stays in place when pruning to avoid any injuries.

Handle Grips

You need a lopper with proper grip. Working with these tools can be hard work. An uncomfortable handle can make using your tree lopper more difficult and result in sore hands or even blisters.
We found the softer grips that are made of foam to be the best as they are a lot more comfortable. Ergonomic grips are also popular but you should try the lopper out to see that it fits your hand properly as we all don’t hold gardening tools the same way.

Handle Bump Stopper

The pressure applied on the handles can be considerable as you struggle with cutting thick branches. It can be very painful if the branch you are cutting gives way suddenly resulting in the handles jamming down onto your fingers.

A good quality lopper has a bump stopper incorporated into the handle to prevent just such an accident occurring.


We want you to get the best tree pruner. But different models are good for different conditions. A good quality tree lopper for pruning will help you cut unwanted branches and tidy up growing trees in your garden. We hope that you have got value from our tree lopper reviews gained an insight into want we believe makes the best lopper for pruning, but ultimately your own experience is more important.

Our preferred tree lopper is the Tabor Tool GG12 due to its combination of build and cutting quality. If you disagree, or have anything to add we would be delighted to hear from you.

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