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Power Raking vs Dethatching Your Lawn

There is often a lot of confusion between power raking and dethatching. This confusion is understandable because they are in fact essentially the same thing. The difference between them lies only in the method and effectiveness of the process. Let me explain, but first, let’s make sure we know exactly what thatch is.Different Types of GrassRyegrass. […]

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What to Do After Aerating and Dethatching Your Lawn

Thatch on LawnDealing with thatch on a regular basis keeps your lawn healthy. Image source anchorphotosAll established lawns build up thatch over time. Thatch is not an unnatural occurrence. Rather it is natural consequence of the grass life cycle. As grass ages and dies, it begins to compost and become absorbed by the soil. The composted […]

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Best Compost Tumbler Reviews in 2018

Going green is not only beneficial to our pockets but also to the planet. One of the ways to reduce our carbon footprint is by recycling and using organic supplements on your soil. Composting is an excellent way to attain healthy soil to grow our food. 20 to 30 percent of what we throw away is […]

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Best Lights for Indoor Growing in 2018

Since time began, horticulturists have known that the best source of light for growing is the sun. However, times do change… and the sun doesn’t always shine. Be it simple flowers, seedlings or more dependent organics, natural light is no longer the essential component that it was. Plants can now thrive under an artificially lit environment using energy […]

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