Best Hedge Trimmers 2022

Hedges and sculpted shrubs can look absolutely fabulous on your property, enhancing the beauty and décor of your garden, and is relatively inexpensive. However, if left to their own devices they can also look an unruly mess. In such a case, you’re going to need something a little bit better than a pair of hand … Read more

How to Sharpen Tree Loppers

Working in the garden can be hard work. I know from my own experience, the list of jobs seems endless and one task can lead straight into another. At times like these it is easy to cut corners and miss off tasks which are important, but do not seem urgent at that particular time. One … Read more

Best Lights for Indoor Growing 2022

Since time began, horticulturists have known that the best source of light for growing is the sun. However, times do change… and the sun doesn’t always shine. Be it simple flowers, seedlings or more dependent organics, natural light is no longer the essential component that it was. Plants can now thrive under an artificially lit environment … Read more

How To Use A Compost Tumbler

Making your own compost is a great way to provide your garden with something that is rich in nutrients and will promote almost all types of growth. It is also great in that it uses plant and other organic material that would otherwise have to be removed from your garden for disposal elsewhere. In addition, … Read more